My name is Christie Marie, and I am from Philadelphia. It has been a pleasure living where the leaves turn amber and the rain falls on the plains, yet my curiosity and persistence to open the curtain to the world has led to travel opportunities far and wide. I have lived and taught in both Europe and Central America, and have visited Northern Africa as well. It’s just a start. To be honest, I should have started writing about my journey years ago, but- well- sometimes we pick up a new interests along the way.

As you will notice from my blog, I am happiest when my love of art and travel collide.  After over 17 years of art classes (started really young), studying abroad, majoring in FIM (Fashion Industry Management/Design) and ESOL, I started to turn what excited me in to reality. I am now a full time teacher in Florida and part time world traveler.

I hope to experience every bit of beauty this world has to offer. I invite you explore my corner of the world at PP, comment, and share. This blog is for those who appreciate travel + art + lifestyle… and the adventures they bring.


Christie Marie