<img src="church.jpg" alt="Church of Saint Ildefonso">

“If you had a genie that could grant you one wish, what would it be?” I was asked this question recently. The truth is I want to explore the world and find what gives every city its own creative and unique energy. Right after I turned 18 I traveled abroad to Italy for the first time. Arriving in Venice, we took a bus to explore and eat our way through Verona. Later, we took cooking classes from little Italian women in an old castle in Tuscany, got lost in the winding cobble stone streets of Rome, and made friends on the beach in Rimini. We partied on cliff in Sorrento at night, swam in the blue Mediterranean waters of Capri, and celebrated a FIFA football victory in Sicily at the end. This is when I caught the bug. The travel bug that is. Over the years, I have found the most alluring hidden hideaways, come across striking graffiti art, truly tasted a bit of the local culture and made some friends for life- all over the world. In this chapter: “Travel,” I want to tell the story of my journey as it was, is, and continues to be. As for my wish, I’ll continue to explore my options to make my career dreams a reality.  A magic carpet wouldn’t hurt either.